Unlock the Power of Detox with Smoothies #2 in the Smoothie Series

Get ready! These detox add in’s are going to give you awesome headaches! Maybe a little bit of die off, you might even be making a few trips to the toilet. How exciting! Detox is very necessary and something most of us don’t do enough of. I personally love my detox smoothies and have them rotated […]

lunch box (2)

Top Paleo Fall Lunchbox & Snack Recipes

MMMM… crisp apples on the trees, a chill in the air, our routine back, evening of homework and reading, dinners on time…and a strict bedtime. I love fall! But I am not quite sure I am ready for a new school year to start. School means fall, and fall means harvest! And when you have […]

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The Power of Smoothies! Post #1 Gut healing smoothie add ins

No one likes to deal with stomach issues. Sadly so many of us do on a constant basis. To name a few; acid reflux, constipation, diareah, bloating, and all around irritable bowels.  Some of us even have major gut issues like celiac or crohns disease. More and more talk is going on around gut health. […]

Citrus Bath Salts

Up your Detox Bath

  Detox Bathing one of my favorite ways to cleanse my body. Why? #1 Detox bathing for 40 minutes will give you the detoxification benefits of a 3 day fast. #2 It is one of the easiest ways to pull out toxins, through the skin which is one of our biggest detox organs. #3 Detox bathing […]


Baby colic and reflux…Resolved in the gut

Poop talk, burping, spit up, passing gas… Yep now you’re a mom! It’s okay to talk about it while their babies;) If you were to ask a mom of a colicky baby how she was doing… She would most likely tear up right then. Sleepless nights, constant crying, feeling like a total failure. It seems […]


Salted Caramel Maca Blondies

Besides satisfying that sweet tooth, these raw caramel maca blondies will support your body in more ways than one!  Just when you feel your about to indulge in something that you will regret these blondies will come to the rescue. Creamy, sweet, salty, full of super foods…what else could you want?! Follow the directions with […]

maca featured image

Maca balancing hormones

Have you heard of maca? There is a lot of hype going on about it right now. I had to give it a try, I quickly fell in love…When I used the right kind for me that is. Let me explain. There are 4 different kinds of maca; yellow, black, red, & white.  Maca is a […]


Top 5 natural must haves for your camping first aid kit

It’s that time of year! Life gets a little crazy with all the summer weekend getaways and camping trips. If your like me it’s priority to keep your family toxin free, or at least do the best you can. That means avoiding chemically loaded sunscreens, “hydrating drinks” full of sugar, and super toxic bug sprays. […]

pecan poridge 2

Paleo Breakfast Porridge

As a child most mornings I woke up to the smell of toast and a bowl full of wheat hearts. I would sprinkle a teaspoon of brown sugar on top and dip my toast into my mush. Mmmm… that is comfort food to me. So it was no surprise that those memories flooded in with strong cravings […]

Myrhh oil

Myrrh oil. Quick scabs & liquid stitches in a bottle

  Two years ago, after an allergic reaction to cats my two year old daughter broke out in boils from head to toe. Imagine the worst chicken pox ever happen within 30 minutes! Any touch to her skin would shoot pain throughout her body and send her into a crying fit. I had a horribly […]

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